Personal Coaching 

It's time for you. You deserve to feel well and by taking time to care for yourself, you elevate your health and well-being beyond measure. During Personal Coaching sessions, I listen to your needs, desires, and innate wisdom. I offer my professional guidance to help you achieve the life you want to live, for the long-term.

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Fees + Details

Personal coaching — 6 session, 4 month PROGRAM: $795 ($195 deposit)

Personal coaching includes 6 sessions that you will complete over a 4-month period. The first coaching session is a 2-hour, initial consultation, and subsequent follow-up sessions are 1-hour.

All personal coaching sessions are one-to-one and you have the option meet in-person, or virtually by phone, or Zoom. In-person coaching sessions take place at The Coven in downtown Minneapolis.

During personal coaching, we holistically approach your health and well-being goals through conversation. I also use the unique lens of Ayurveda to support you in knowing yourself more deeply. Well-being looks different for each person, so I tailor our sessions to suit your needs and desires. Together, we focus on weaving sustainability into all of your healthy lifestyle tweaks. Our coaching process centers on being realistic, starting small, and building on success.

While our sessions may cover a wide-range of well-being and lifestyle topics, I specialize in supporting individuals who are ready to change their response to stress and their pace of life, and, individuals who wish to improve their relationship with food through intuitive eating. In exploring either topic, and all that’s in-between, we will focus on what works for you and your body. I will not prescribe eating plans, or recommend quantitative values of any kind (and that includes weight!). My work centers on supporting you in experiencing peace with your body, food, and the life you lead.

One-time consultation — 2 hours: $195

If you know personal coaching would be beneficial for you, but you aren’t available for a 4-month program right now, I offer a one-time, 2-hour consultation.

During this session, we’ll go through the same initial consultation I offer to personal coaching program participants during their first session. At the conclusion of our session, you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned to continue working on your own.